What we do

Ronan's Trust provides opportunities for bereaved individuals and families to meet in small groups and work together in gardens and on land based projects, as well as offering natural craft activities.

When people experience a bereavement it can be daunting  to join a group of people, even going to the supermarket or shopping can be overwhelming and can be an onslaught to the senses. Working with nature in a small group together with others who have some idea of what you are experiencing will provide a safe place to be, as well as a community of people who will understand without you necessarily having to say anything.

Being outdoors in nature helps relieve stress and supports mental health and well-being. Working alongside others who understand how you feel reduces isolation and loneliness.

We encourage people of all ages work alongside one another. They may wish to share their story, they may not. This is an opportunity to be busy together, to reduce levels of stress through working on the land and being creative.

"Gardening allows us to see hope and promise for the future, when at times it is too hard to look beyond today"