Forest Fun

On Tuesday 14th a group of 11 bereaved adults and children met at the Cotswold Forest School in South Cerney to learn some bush craft skills and enjoy the peace and companionship that the forest and group provided. We started gathering by wood for the fire and then the children were taught how to light a fire using a magnesium flint and cotton wool. We toasted marshmallows and played hide seek, built a shelter and checked it was waterproof - it wasn't! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time and felt nurtured .


"We are so pleased to have been given the opportunity to breathe- to be in the open with lovely people. A truly wonderful place and a magical day. Thank you" E.G. 


"Thank you so much for the opportunity today has been fantastic such a wonderful place and lovely people, H and I had an amazing day at a truly difficult time in our lives"  L.A.


"A fun day full of laughter and smiles, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have made some new friends. Thank you so much." S.G.


""I had a great time, my favourite time was when we made fires and made marshmallows" R.G. 9 yrs


"Making the fire made me feel good and I didn't feel shy. I knew where to collect the straw and showed the others. I was happy I could be the seeker all the time. Thank you!" Matty 10 yrs


"An amazing experience, completely changed my  way of thinking and helping me to move on with life and live in the now" Ellie 14 yrs