Mary Keating

Mary trained in Bristol as a registered mental health nurse, specialising and enhancing her skills and qualifications to MSc level in dementia care and support. 

She worked for over 28 years in the local NHS where she developed the Dementia Education Pathway for the county in conjunction with the Clinical Commissioners and the County council. Mary has written articles on dementia care and her work has been published in the U.K and Australia. She has also written a play performed in Gloucestershire and which was introduced by Professor Alistair Burns NHS England Clinical Director for Dementia and OlderPeople’s Mental Health.

Since 2016 Mary has worked part time as a Lecturer for the University of Gloucestershire Health and Social Care departmental and as an Independent Consultant in Dementia care.

She has personal experience as a teenager of bereavement following the deaths of two of her siblings and is passionate about people receiving the right kind of support by the right people at the right time.

When not working Mary enjoys travelling, it is her goal to see as much of the world as she can, being at the finishing line to support her marathon running husband Kieran and brushing her skills up on painting!